Group 4: Human Centered Design

Group members: Billy Kwok, Felicia Renelus, Tania (Tee) O’Neill, Salih Berk Dincer, Dongho Koo, Junyi Cheng, Jessica Benally, Philipp Hohlfeld

Thoughtless Acts

Putting masks on your elbow when not in use

Using glass to make a disk of dough

Tricks to locate our own locker

Eating outdoors casually

Using daily objects as a hanger or stand

Our Most Innovative Solution

Our Innovative Design Solution

We decided to pick our solution for recognizing our locker as our most innovative design solution.

We think that we can use a smart lock and our mobile devices to assist us in finding the locker. The lock broadcasts its location when the phone is nearby. And the phone uses AR to show the path to the locker.


All lockers look the same. And we often only return to its location after a long time. Then it becomes super difficult to search for it. People come up with tricks to help themselves recognize the location at the expense of privacy.

Opportunities and Process

Locker is both a public and private object. Our relation to it is temporary but personal. However, there is still room for customization and we think there are a lot of opportunities in making lockers more personalized and intelligent. There are lower-tech solutions like coloring or numbering our lockers, but they all feel quite foreign because we are assigned the labels instead of creating one ourselves. By connecting the locker to our mobile device, we introduce a way to move the personalization into our personal device instead of the locker itself.

We went through the problems one by one and discussed our feeling and personal experience related to them. Then we converged on the problem that we feel most interested in and diverged again by brainstorming various solutions to tackle the problem. Finally, we selected the best solution we can come up with.

Other sketches




Master of Design student at UC Berkeley, solving problems at the intersection of design, technology, and business. Check out /

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Billy Kwok

Billy Kwok

Master of Design student at UC Berkeley, solving problems at the intersection of design, technology, and business. Check out /

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